Knowledge Management Tools – TiddlyWiki

TiddlyWiki. Sounds like a toy. In some ways, this clever bit of Javascript, HTML and CSS is a toy. It is a fascinating proof of concept in which an entire wiki is contained within a single webpage.

Wiki’s usually require a server to make the public aspects editable from the internet. These wikis (like Media Wiki, the software that runs Wikipedia) are faster with large implementations. With TiddlyWiki you can sign up for a hosted wiki at, password protect it, and download it to a computer with the ability to sync changes back and forth to the host side. The hosted wiki can be password protected and you can require a password to make changes. Since everything is in CSS, HTML and Javascript everything contained can be exported or imported if needed.

What can you do with TiddlyWiki?

  • Take notes and link connections between different notes
  • Tag notes and generate lists of all links
  • Use a variety of ‘Flavors’ including a GTD (Getting Things Done) version optimized for planning and calendaring

TiddlyWiki does require a bit of a learning curve, including the wiki markup language and experimenting with customization.

I personally used TiddlyWiki for notes for my first three semesters of library school.




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