Document Management – PDF to Text

PDF is the document standard across the business world for good reasons, there is no ‘metadata’, or the history of the revision log contained in the finalized form of a PDF, as some business and government organizations have found out to their detriment. I convert all documents I would rather not have a revision history available (such as my CV) either by a complete copy and paste or conversion to PDF.

PDF has some issues in that it is very difficult to integrate sections of PDF documents into new documents, especially with older versions of Adobe Reader likely to be found in smaller enterprises without an IT department. I have also encountered constant problems with the Palm version of Acrobat Reader, pages will not re-size properly, it misidentifies text pages as images and a constant stream of crashes.

As an emergency solution for PDF editing (warning: you will lose all formatting), I use the PDF Text reader. Stripping out all formatting, all you get is the plain text of the document. This has saved a couple of projects in which all but a PDF version of the document have disappeared or been corrupted..

PDF Text Reader


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