Social Tagging – is one of my favorite services, it is an excellent introduction to social tagging. is a simple web based system in which you can keep your bookmarks and access them from anywhere. What makes extremely useful is the ability to ‘tag’ your bookmarks with words that describe what the link is about. Other users do this as well, and aggregates all of the tags together to make recommendations for future users.

For example, if I were to tag the webpage for CNN, I would use the following tags.

News, Politics, Election, Journalism

When I search for CNN on, these tags are the most popular

CNN, News, Politics, Video, Media, TV, Business, Journalism, Funny, YouTube

Note that there are some matches and some differences between my choices and the most popular. I can always access my tags, I can add more if I like the popular ones, or I can use something completely different.


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