Frontiers of Business – Reputation Monitoring on a Budget

Reputation management companies are a small but growing community, listing services that monitor blogs, forums and the mainstream media to alert a company about disgruntled customers publicizing their grievances. With a little experimentation you can get similar service from an RSS reader and some careful internet searching.


The symbol above is something you might recognize. It is the symbol for RSS, Really Simple Syndication, a service that broadcasts the changing content of a website. Often you can click on the RSS symbol to subscribe to the site using your RSS reader. Try it above, you’ll open the RSS feed for this website.

RSS readers come in a variety of different setups and interfaces. My preference is Google Reader, a web based system. I read over 500 individual articles every day, a heady mix of business, religious studies, politics, news and comics. Yes, you can even get the funny pages via RSS. The link above leads to the FAQ for Google Reader, I’ll leave you to peruse it and decide if it fits your needs. There are a wide variety of different RSS readers, and I would be glad to help find one to suit your needs.

For reputation management, you can take a number of different approaches. Subscribing to a consumer affairs website like the Consumerist can give you a overview of what is going on across the business community. Custom Google searches allow you to specify to a greater extent and scan the majority of news sources out there. I’ll feature a how-to on custom Google searches on Monday.


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  1. […] these search strings down until you are pulling in exactly what you want. When your done, grab the RSS feed for the search and let your RSS reader do the work of pulling everything […]

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