Saturday Fun – MediaMonkey

I have a couple of iPods  due to various friends and family members getting them new, then upgrading. I’m a fan of the design (especially the Mini) but I really don’t like iTunes. After a couple of experiences in which my entire music library was accidentally deleted, I’ve sworn eternal vengeance (just kidding) against all Apple software. I do need a way to transfer music, however. MediaMonkey is a very well designed music manager with advanced features that equal and even outstrip iTunes at times.

I use it to manage (at present) around 50Gb of music on an external drive. What is exceptional about MediaMonkey is that it can be run from the external drive as well, with the simple action of moving the library into the MediaMonkey program folder on the external drive. (If that seems greek, take a look at the MediaMonkey forums or drop me a line, I’m happy to help)

The above setup gives me a portable music system that can go anywhere and works on almost any computer.



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