Enterprise Content Management – Magnolia – Introduction & Resources

What is Enterprise Content Management?

It’s a centralized way to identify, capture, tag, control and publish information in your business. That’s also one of the driest sentences I’ve ever written.

ECM, when it’s done well, is a unified way to work with a wild array of different types of information. With enough thought, a good ECM setup acts like the operating system on your desktop computer, it handles almost any program, any video, any audio, and any document. All of this content can be accessed through a common interface in which all employees can comment, collaborate on new documents and preserve work for regulatory, legal and strategic reasons.

I’ve decided to chronicle an installation and setup of Magnolia, an open-source Enterprise Content Management system on my home network as the next direction I’m going to take on this blog. I’ve used KnowledgeTree extensively and have it installed on my home network. I thought it would be of use to the larger KM community to see a from-the-beginning installation of an OpenSource CMS from the perspective of a Library professional. I am an experienced Windows user, but I am not familiar with commercial ECM installations like Microsoft Sharepoint. I also don’t have extensive web-server experience. I’ll be documenting my problems, my success and my problem-solving methods. Magnolia is a mature product with a large user base and this experience should provide some value to anyone at a small to medium sized business interested in implementing an ECM installation

Here’s some background on Magnolia.

Magnolia bills itself as easy to use. It’s use of Java makes it usable across the Mac, Windows and Linux worlds, a definite plus from my perspective. Java does have a tendacy to run slowly on older hardware, but a relativly modern computer should have little trouble handling the demands of Magnolia. Owned by Magnolia International, based in Basel, Switzerland, Magnolia boasts a rather large client list including Maserati and Monsanto.

Look for the install post in the next few days!



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