Serious Samurize – Swirl Desktop

To keep your interest while I’m working on my job search, here’s a older desktop I created while I was teaching myself how to use the GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program, a free Photoshop clone) and Samurize. All of the information on the desktop is dynamic.

This was a very simple desktop to create, each of the individual widgets (Clock, Todo, Weather, Toolbar and  the currently invisible Gmail Notifier and Music Information) run as seperate proceesses. In the corner is Launchy using the Black Glass skin. I avoided using Speedfan so the toolbar information at the bottom is limited to what I could pull from Samurize’s native system monitoring applications. When the H & I drives (network drives) are disconnected they turn red. The battery indicator in the corner changes from ‘AC Power’ to ‘Battery’ and also turns red while it counts down the minutes of battery life left. The weather icons are the free B&W set from the Samurize repository.

Let me know if you want any information, including the desktop background and directions for creating it.


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