Facebook & Privacy

I’m a huge fan of Failbook. It also acts as a potent counterweight to ‘oversharing’ on facebook and other social networking sites.

While I appreciate the furor that Facebook has generated with their new privacy anti-policies, does anyone really think that their data is secure on the internet? [If your panicking right now, check out Lifehacker’s story on restoring some semblance of privacy]

My rule for Facebook and other social networking sites is simple. Nothing goes up unless it is something I would share with a stranger on a plane.Those are things like my interest in New Religious Movements, the history of religious heresies, and politics.

I review my Facebook friends on a regular basis, and I have a ‘Limited Profile’ list that includes a few people.

Firewall your private life from your internet life. It won’t keep your privacy from being compromised due to the shoddy security controls at most US companies, but you can control this.


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