Deep Links in the new LibGuides Mobile interface

I am extremely excited to see the new mobile interface Springshare is deploying for Libguides (and hopefully LibAnswers). I’m re-desigining my plans for our mobile website to route much of the content through LibGuides now, so I have an easier time updating everything.

For those of you who want to check out the new mobile interface, take a look at Just insert your libguides URL there at the beginning if you want to check out your own institution.

Oh yes, the deep links. When I try to link to our friendly URL, I get the regular LibGuides page.

When I took a closer look at the page, clicking on one of the sub pages, each page has a pid.

The mobile site uses the same PID’s. Just plug the PID from the regular site into the mobile URL and you’ve got an instant deep link to the mobile friendly page.

Springshare FTW! This is awesome and I look forward to using it.