Questions Im no Longer Asking ~ Stephens Web

From Stephen Downes, who is something of a curmudgeon in the educational blogosphere, a list of core principles and questions no longer worth asking.

You may not agree with Stephen about one of his posts, but like Seth Godin, every single one is worth reading.

The discussion on this post is almost as good as the post itself.

Like Stephen, I think the time for discussion has passed on online vs classroom learning, the role of technology and if we should implement technology. I’m of the opinion that this role has devolved to the teachers (and librarians) It’s not so much a question of  ‘If’, the real question is choosing what is most appropriate.

Questions Im no Longer Asking ~ Stephens Web.


2 Responses

  1. Oh, I’m way to young to be a curmudgeon 🙂

    • LOL… I’ve seen people tremble at your criticism!

      There’s nothing wrong with being contrary and pointing out aspects that people have missed. There is something about the type of people attracted to education (and librarianship) that leads to a certain… lack of action or lack of interest in confrontation. It’s something I identify in myself as an issue to work on

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