ForumsPro – An iPhone Forum Reader

There is a lot of information locked up in incompatible systems on the web. In libraries, we’re most aware of the masses of information in our databases and we have to teach our users how to access much of this credible information.

There are also structural barriers in the web in spreading and collecting information. Those would be ‘silos’ in KM speak.

I route most of my reading through my iPod Touch, using Google Reader to collect a large number of RSS feeds, Byline to read and sync with Google Reader and Instapaper to read longer articles. I use Stanza and Calibre for ebooks, but I’ve been without a solution for forums for a while.

I was poking around to find a solution to this and I came across the ForumsPro app by Swem Solutions. ForumsPro handles phpbb, vBulletin and InvisionBoard without the board owner installing any extra plugins. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have the off-line capabilities I like.

Online is still better than navigating the desktop versions via Mobile Safari. This closes one of my information gaps, and the interface is great.


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