I’m a die-hard for MARCedit, but I’m also always looking for new (and portable) applications for editing MARC records.

PTFS just released an unpolished, but effective application for editing and transforming MARC records to and from a variety of formats. I was pleased to spot that it is available without an an installer. I copied it over into my PortableApps memory key, and now I have the tools to edit MARC records while I’m not at my desktop computer.

This is a handy bit of software to have on your memory key.


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  1. Hi Brett,
    I find this a useful tool as well but have a slight problem with it. Basically I wish to use the find / replace all function to edit some marc records slightly. The problem is that although it indicates that it’s downloaded all 7,000 records it only apparently loads the first 300 hundred each time unless they’re converted from Marc into Text format in which case it loads them all. This essentially means that if I make the required changes it only does so on the first 300 records and not the rest which haven’t loaded.
    Do you have any ideas on how I might overcome this issue?
    Best regards,. Trevor

    • Yeah, this is why I use MARCedit which is substantially more advanced. Once you break the MARC file with MARCedit, you can easily do bulk changes, then re-make the MARC file.

      • Thanks Brett that’s very helpful.

        Do you know where I could get some information on how I could make some bulk changes to data in the LDR field using MarcEDIT.


        Date: Sun, 1 Sep 2013 06:53:09 +0000 To:

      • Can you search and replace? You might have to script/regex the changes if search and replace doesn’t work.

        I tend to use my ILS vendor to make header changes because of the quirks of how different ILS systems handle header data. I’d confirm with your ILS vendor to make sure that there are not any minefields in your way.

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