Direct Linking to Bibliographic Records in VTLS Virtua

We are using VTLS Virtua at CNA-Q, and it’s an interesting system. VTLS has some huge strengths (full Unicode support) and some weaknesses (the Session ID system in the OPAC).

The manuals that come with VTLS Virtua are pretty comprehensive, but there are parts of the system that are undocumented, or just difficult to find.

One of my long-term puzzles has been to find a way to deep link to bibliographic records.

Virtua, even though it’s based on a session ID system, can do persistent searches. Here’s my example.

U1=1035 tells Virtua to search in the title field, 245 /a

t1=chicago is the search term.

You can sort out many of the numerical designations for search types yourself by looking in Profiler > Cataloging > Keyword Index Configuration.

However, for some reason the search type for Bib ID is hidden in some odd corners of the documentation. (Appendix E Vectors iPortal Interface Customization Guide)

To create a direct link to a Bib ID in Virtua, here is the pattern.

U1=12101 is the numerical code for a Bib ID search.

T1=the search term, here the Bib ID for Kate Turabian’s A manual for writers of term papers, theses, and dissertations.

Thanks to Saiful at Edutech for pointing this out to me.


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