Lessons Learned from using an Appreciative Inquiry to define a presentation

I used the interview idea from AI to define the scope of my presentation during CNA-Q’s PD days. The topic was Apps in the Classroom, and you can find the link here http://cna-qatar.libguides.com/apps

My intention was to use the interviews and summary sheets to define how much information, and what kind of information was presented during my session. The activities went like this

20 minutes for interviews & summary sheets

10 minutes discussion on themes that emerged.

I was prepared for a longer presentation on using Apps in the Classroom, and I was hoping to talk on a higher level about the role of smartphones in education.

What emerged from the interviews and the summary sheets was that the session participants were interested in the following

1. Demonstrations

2. Where to find applications.

3. How to gain more experience with mobile devices.

The result of this initial inquiry made me shift my presentation. We covered the difference between webapps and native apps, what you could do with a device (as a mouse, as a presentation device, as a dictionary) and we covered how to find free applications.

In the end, I directed everyone to the website for more information.

I learned from this that the people in the presentation knew what they wanted to get out of the presentation. I’m not the expert in what they need. I poured a lot of my higher-level ideas into the website for the presentation, and it’s seen some significant use already.

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