URL Patterns for EbscoHost Mobile Databases

EbscoHost, like much of the library Electronic Database world uses a session based architecture to serve up their content.

While it has advantages for the provider, it is a constant source of frustration to users because URL’s are dynamic.

It takes some sleuthing to find the correct way to directly link to session based sources.

Here’s the URL pattern for EbscoHost. Yours will likely differ, but the principles are the same.

We’ll use Business Source Complete as an example.


Your URL will likely start with


Group and profile are something that you will have set up behind the scenes with the Ebsco admin panel. These are likely customized to your institution.


Now, the codes for the databases. These differ for each database offered in EbscoHost Mobile. You can build a URL that works, then just change the database identifier to point to different databases


Here are all of the codes I’ve collected

Business Source Complete: bth

CINAHL : c8h

Education Research Complete: ehh

GreenFile: 8gh

LISTA: lxh

Regional Business News: bwh

(Edit) A fellow librarian pointed out the full list of short product codes on the Ebsco Knowledge Base


Thanks Craige!


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