Persistent ‘No Default Printer’ Error in Virtua

This was one of those awful errors that have no real connection to the real problem. We’re running on XP SP3 and Virtua 38

If you run into a problem where the Virtua client cannot access the printer dialog box to setup the printer, always throwing you a ‘No Default Printer’ error, here is how we solved the problem.

First, login to the computer as an administrator.

Navigate to the C:/Program Files/VTLS folder and remove the ‘Read Only’ flag.

Navigate to your ‘Printers and Faxes’ page on the Start menu, and change your default printer to the Microsoft XPS document writer.

Try to set a default printer in Virtua again, (while logged in as an adminstrator).

Now, switch your default printer back to your normal printer.

Virtua seems to read and write within the Program Files directory itself.


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