A response from Springshare re: Libguides + Facebook

I got a comment on my blog from Marc at Springshare regarding my approach to embedding LibGuides boxes within an iFrame in a Facebook page. He provides an excellent background to why Springshare has had difficulties with their Facebook applications. It also gives hints about what we can look forward to on the Facebook/Libguides front.

The comment is worth reading on its own, but I’d like to highlight a philosophical element.

Springshare has designed LibGuides to make the content portable. If I want to, I can dump an XML export of all the work I and the other staff at CNA-Q have done and import it into another CMS with a minimum of effort. I can also duplicate any box or page within LibGuides or outside LibGuides through the API interface.

This open approach gives librarians like myself (who love to fiddle with things) incredible opportunities to create things beyond what Springshare is thinking about. We can mashup the content we’ve created in Springshare and insert it into almost any system that supports web standards.

In our (currently) unreleased library website, based on LibGuides, I’ve had an opportunity to play around with the CSS selectors and other advanced tools that LibGuides provides. Springshare’s conscious decision to leave some of these options open to advanced users massively increases the usefulness of their product.

In short, Springshare doesn’t stop us from getting content out, and helps us modify the content in our LibGuides system.

That’s an awesome philosophy for a company serving libraries to have.


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