Simple Concatenate in Google Docs Spreadsheet

While working on a project involving creating a URL from a set of information entered in a Google Docs form, I ran into the problem that the concatenate formula does not work as an array formula.

This is a simple solution to allow a simple concatenate that works within =ARRAYFORMULA


A2 will only include what is in cell A2
B2:B will include everything in column B, except B1

Thank you, Docs Help Forums!!searchin/docs/array$20concatenate/docs/OU6QbGWjkVk/6r3PuWzjRboJ

You can make unused form areas blank by using an IF statement

=ARRAYFORMULA (IF (A2:A > 0, B2 & C2:C, ” “))


Using QR Codes to transfer links between devices

When I’m working on projects, I occasionally need to transfer a link from my desktop to my phone or my iPad. This is a surprisingly difficult task. I dislike emailing the links to myself as this tends to clutter up my inbox.

I’ve found some plugins and bookmarklets that have allowed me to create QR codes on my desktop computer and on my iPad.

The first, which I use in Chrome, is the QR Code Tag Extension

Whenever I need to transfer a url to my phone, I can just click this extension and a custom QR code is generated for the page.

Mobile Safari doesn’t have extensions, but it does support javascript bookmarklets.

On your iPad bookmark that page, edit the bookmark and then replace the bookmark URL with the Javascript text you can copy and paste from the page.

This is a quick and easy way to transfer a URL to your iPad or phone.

If you use Dropbox, a public link can be used to transfer files using this tool as well.