How to use Google Music with your external SD card

Here’s a quick tip I figured out for mounting your Google Music cache on your SD card on your Android phone.

I’m using a Samsung Galaxy SII I-9100 with ICS, rooted

This requires Tasker and a rooted phone

Find where your google music cache is located. On Samsung phones under ICS it’s located in


Create a folder in the root of your SD card to store the Google music cache. Mine ended up in


In Tasker, create a task – I called it ‘Mount Script

Add an action Script>Run Shell

Use the following command

mount -o bind [Location on External SD] [Location on Internal SD]

Mine looks like this

mount -o bind /mt/sdcard/external_sd/MusicCache /mt/sdcard/Android/data/

Check ‘Use Root’

Next, create two profiles

The first, i called ‘Google Music Mount’

Context >Event>Hardware>Card Mounted

Set tas>k Mount Script

This takes care of any time you unmount and remount the card

The second, I called ‘Boot Google Music Mount

Context>Event>System>Device Boot

Set task> Mount Script

I’ve been using this for the past week, and it’s behaved brilliantly. Let me know if you try it out on different hardware.