How to use Google Music with your external SD card

Here’s a quick tip I figured out for mounting your Google Music cache on your SD card on your Android phone.

I’m using a Samsung Galaxy SII I-9100 with ICS, rooted

This requires Tasker and a rooted phone

Find where your google music cache is located. On Samsung phones under ICS it’s located in


Create a folder in the root of your SD card to store the Google music cache. Mine ended up in


In Tasker, create a task – I called it ‘Mount Script

Add an action Script>Run Shell

Use the following command

mount -o bind [Location on External SD] [Location on Internal SD]

Mine looks like this

mount -o bind /mt/sdcard/external_sd/MusicCache /mt/sdcard/Android/data/

Check ‘Use Root’

Next, create two profiles

The first, i called ‘Google Music Mount’

Context >Event>Hardware>Card Mounted

Set tas>k Mount Script

This takes care of any time you unmount and remount the card

The second, I called ‘Boot Google Music Mount

Context>Event>System>Device Boot

Set task> Mount Script

I’ve been using this for the past week, and it’s behaved brilliantly. Let me know if you try it out on different hardware.


One Response

  1. Thanks! Works on same device!
    Just: ‘mnt’ instead of ‘mt’.
    And: deleted ‘cache’ from the internal path
    (always empty directory – my files are in ‘files’-‘artwork’/’music’ )

    Still need to test the stability – e.g.: What happens after activating and deactivating USB mass-storage . . .

    Would appreciate not having to use any additional apps like SManager or Directory Bind (which didn’t work) like recommended
    in this link on xda devs:

    The version with the symlink didn’t do it
    because the cache is on my internal sd which is probably Fat32 formated . . .

    All this, of course, only until Google catches up 😉

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