CSS Code for Hiding LibGuides Elements

This is CSS code for hiding the majority of LibGuides elements on a page, useful for creating library websites in LibGuides. This code does not hide tabs.

*WARNING* This code hides the Admin Sign In link *WARNING*

If you don’t understand this CSS from the beginning, build it one element at a time so you understand what it does. There are more efficient ways to block whole sections of the LibGuides interface, but a piece by piece method works better for my unique circumstances.

.lastupdate, .guideurl, .lgsearch, .printguideurl, .emailalertlink{
#bc_library_home, #bc_libguides_home, #bc_guide_name, #breadcrumbsr, #lastupdate, #guide_header_title, #guide_tab_title_bar, #guide_tab_title_bar_page_name, #guide_tab_title_bar_page_comments, #guide_tab_title_bar_page_print{

This was built with the help of theĀ help page from Springshare. Check out your own libguides page with Chrome Developer Tools to make sure you get it right.



Bookbox Update – Pictures

I did an update to my BookBox project, adding additional storage in the form of a rescued 320 GB harddrive from my old media center computer. This was a simple matter of formatting, copying the ebooks and mounting the new drive on the /books folder that I used in the earlier form of the project.

This project has proved extremely robust, running 24/7 for two years.

20130214_200410 - Labels


Bookbox HTML Bookbox Landing