CSS Code for Hiding LibGuides Elements

This is CSS code for hiding the majority of LibGuides elements on a page, useful for creating library websites in LibGuides. This code does not hide tabs.

*WARNING* This code hides the Admin Sign In link *WARNING*

If you don’t understand this CSS from the beginning, build it one element at a time so you understand what it does. There are more efficient ways to block whole sections of the LibGuides interface, but a piece by piece method works better for my unique circumstances.

.lastupdate, .guideurl, .lgsearch, .printguideurl, .emailalertlink{
#bc_library_home, #bc_libguides_home, #bc_guide_name, #breadcrumbsr, #lastupdate, #guide_header_title, #guide_tab_title_bar, #guide_tab_title_bar_page_name, #guide_tab_title_bar_page_comments, #guide_tab_title_bar_page_print{

This was built with the help of the help page from Springshare. Check out your own libguides page with Chrome Developer Tools to make sure you get it right.



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