Answer to “Which indexes and databases are covered by Google Scholar?”

Enough that it’s almost more useful than vendor search solutions, but also so much that it’s hard to find what you need.

I have only a small collection of ejournals that I administer, but I rarely run into something that I can’t find with Google Scholar. We have our link resolver plugged in to Google Scholar and the combination of the two is pretty good. Not perfect, but good.

What I have noticed, and what makes me very happy with Google Scholar is that they have begun to index Open Access Repositories at universities with an open access policy. This is where Google Scholar becomes more useful than my federated search or link resolver because even if my library does not have access to a journal I can still find the article.

So, with the right training Google Scholar is an excellent tool in a researchers toolkit. It’s not the best for undergrads to learn on, but it’s good for the pros.

Originally answered on Quora


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