With downloadable books will Libraries evolve or die?

So, I’m a librarian and I have a vested interest…

But, libraries will evolve. I don’t consider myself a ‘Librarian’, I’m an information professional specializing in knowledge management. Libraries will evolve in a couple of ways.

1. Libraries will likely manage large content licences for a geographic area. Information professionals will maintain the infrastructure used to find, authenticate and manage the storage of e-texts.

2. Libraries will remain as a common space in partnership with other community organizations. We have very few ‘commons’ in our modern world, public libraries are one example of this. A lot of libraries work with aid agencies, immigrant advocacy groups, the police, arts societies, disabled advocates, seniors groups and youth groups in the community. The library provides the common space and multiple entities use it.

3. Librarians are already losing the title of Librarians. Some of us are moving into knowledge management, others into data management, others into business libraries or ‘knowledge centers’ as some like to call them.

The profession is changing but the skills in filtering, judging, collecting and managing information are more important now than they were for paper books.

Originally answered on Quora


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