What is a Systems Librarian? (answered in 2010)

What I do is essentially speak two languages. I talk to librarians and act as a librarian, and I talk to IT folks and act as a project manager for IT projects that have to do with the library.

Right now here are what some of my duties are.

  • I administer an Integrated Library system on a Sun server and liaise with our vendor for routine maintainance and updates. (Virtua )
  • I administer a campus proxy server for off campus access to our licensed content (EZproxy)
  • I work with multiple vendors who host a knowledge base (LibAnswers), a wiki-like set of guides to library research (LibGuides), a search interface for our catalog (Aquabrowser), a link resolver (360 Link) (hard to explain, but I can show examples if you’re interested), and a unified searchable index of all of our journals (Summon).
  • I keep records of what electronic journals we have from our various subscriptions using a semi-automated tool (360 Core)
  • I’m also the Reference Librarian for students in IT who need help doing research
  • I blog for the library, make instructional videos, have a semi-official twitter account and participate in committees in the College. I write a lot of the content for the knowledge base and the guides.
  • I do a lot of experimenting with new services, then develop procedures for use in the library.

I’m not an IT guy, but I do speak geek, and I operate from a different viewpoint.

Originally Answered on Quora


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