Data from running Have MLIS, Will Travel for November 2016

This is just a quick update on the Have MLIS, Will Travel job sharing site. I did a substantial amount of work automating the collection and classification of the jobs I was collecting. I recently collected the data from the first full month I ran HMWT, and I wanted to share a couple of charts. Here’s the total data

Country Number of Jobs Nov 2016
Canada 73
United States 762
UK 126
Republic of Ireland 3
UAE 11
Kuwait 2
Netherlands 1
Qatar 2



Job Type Number of Jobs Nov 2016
Medical 32
School 121
Public 245
Academic 465
Legal 24
Special 57
Records Management 4
Archives 5


Some of the insights gleaned from this:

1)the automated job search strategies I’ve created are heavily biased towards academic jobs in North America.

2) I have not found a reliable source for european jobs outside of the UK

3) for jobs posted on the same day, I have a process to eliminate duplicates, but I have a problem with duplicates posted across multiple days. About 1/3 of the raw data was duplicate positions, posted as much as 3 weeks apart.

The total jobs posted in the month of November, after all duplicates were removed, was 980

The problem of duplicates is not enough of an issue to pursue further development to limit them. The process to tag and distribute these jobs is sustainable and easy to do, taking at most 15-20 minutes a day.


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