Have MLIS, Will Travel – Quick note

I’ve been slowly working out the kinks on my new job-sharing site, Have MLIS, Will Travel. While it is not quite ready for general use right now, it is looking very promising

In my test phase, since the API calls to the Google Places API contain so much data, I’ve been saving and logging the Latitude/Longitude of the city for each job posting. I’m attaching a quick visualization for a small selection of the data collected over the last month.



Currency conversion in Google Docs Spreadsheet

One of the complexities of working overseas is keeping a budget. I get paid in two different currencies (Qatari Riyals and Canadian Dollars) and due to the infrastructure in Qatar I have to work with cash for most of our everyday transactions.

While working with my budget spreadsheet on Google Docs, I spotted this cool little formula that has allowed me to seamlessly convert back and forth between Canadian Dollars and Qatari Riyals.

Here’s the formula

=CanadianAmount*(GoogleFinance(“CURRENCY:”CADQAR ; “average”))

In practice here’s how it looks.

I put the two variables QAR and CAD in the spreadsheet itself and call them via &TRIM().  This allows me to reverse the CADQAR to QARCAD variables easily. The “average” modifier gives you a good-enough approximation of the current exchange rate.


What’s cool with this automatic conversion is that I’ve figured out a way to enter an expense in either currency, and have it automatically reflected in an automatically updated dollar amount in both currencies. Spreadsheets FTW!


Here’s a spreadsheet that can help you figure this out on your own.






Free Technology for Teachers: Virtual Cell Animations

CNA-Q is an institution that spends a lot of time and effort on ESL instruction.  Visuals are a huge help in the classroom for increasing comprehension among all students. These cell animations  from North Dakota State University are very well put together and cover a wide range of biological processes.

Free Technology for Teachers: Virtual Cell Animations.